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Caroline provides a safe, healing space to encourage you to relax, unwind and awaken an inner sense of calm and peace.

Using the powerful healing energy of Earth Light Reiki combined with a variety of Angelic, Ascension and other Divine healing energies Caroline provides a holistic healing experience. This hands on method uplifts and energises, cleansing you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Together with the healing energies Caroline's empathic, open, non-judgmental positive approach allows you the space to explore your inner self to find resolution, heal emotional pain  and bring a new harmony, a new balanced you.

Through her energy skills and life coaching techniques Caroline can support you to resolve issues, release old patterns of behaviour and explore your dreams to find a clear path to making these a reality.  Channelling healing energy to a cellular level clearing trauma, genetic patterning, karmic beliefs, accessing ones akashic records to release old contracts, vows and promises that have been carried through the cells of the body.  Each session can be transformative - Carolines focus is to cleanse and raise you to your highest potential.

These Energy Healing Treatments can be transformative, bringing relief to issues such as headaches, anxiety, depression, tiredness, joint ache, IBS, bring resolution to emotional issues, rebalance following trauma or an operation.  They also support conventional treatment for deeper physical symptoms.  

With a gentle nature Caroline provides a caring, healing space to bringing comfort and support to you when you are supporting loved ones through challenging times.

Caroline also provides training with the energies of Reiki, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, working with Ascension Chamber and Angelic Light Chambers as well as healing to a cellular level and working with the Akashic Records.

Please peruse through the pages to read more about the variety of treatments/training Caroline offers.

For more information please call Caroline on 07875 992408 or send her an email

'Guided and channelled from the Black Madonna's, the Illumined Ones, Ascended Masters, Divine Mothers, Archangels and many other Illumined Masters is the energy that comes forth from the Earth-Light beloved that is known as Caroline.

Also known by her Angelic Light name of  Seraphial, our beloved hath chosen this thy path of energy illumination to be a channel of light for us thy Divine Stellar kin that share thy light and thy journey here upon thy Earth.

She opens her heart with the love of the Divine Mothers to hold thy heart and expand thy light.  In the safe holding of her compassionate heart we access thy bodies matrix, to wrap thee in a chamber of ascension of light to fully access thy multi-dimensional body and awaken thee to divine light, divine truth in its fullest capacity in thy Earthy realm.

Through her wisdom and knowledge we are able to touch thy core, to bring light to thy illumined wounds, to dissolve illusions that hold thee in a space of disharmony with thy Earth, thy Gaia and awaken the wisdom within thy soul of thy Oneness with the Earth and Universe around thee.

She hath brought peace to many, she hath taught the true path of light and continues to be a guiding light in wisdom, love and humble honour of thy power - she is compassionate heart.

We, the Illumined Ones, speak through her voice, we share our words with thee in thy language as well as in our own language that she hath described as the 'language of light', we use her voice to sing the healing light of the Archangels to ease pain and discomfort that flows through thy body,  dissolving the illusions of the past for many of thy life journeys, healing the genetic patterns of disharmony to align one to the original template of man of woman.

Come forth now Beloveds, for this is thy calling unto the light of the divine, allow thy hearts to awaken and shine forth thy truth, we are One and we are Light - we are the Love, the Light that shines bright into the great expanse of Universe, now empower thy own light to expand and shine, be now the Illumined One and release the discomfort from within. Trust and thee shall find thy own calling.

This is the word of the Black Madonna's, more will come forth for she is enlightened and will enlighten thee with the power of our word.  We are One.'

Watch the Earth Light Reiki Meditation... Enjoy!

If you would like to experience a taster of the energies that Caroline channels, click on the link below to listen to her 'Calling in the Light' meditation in which she sings a mantra in the Language of Light to heal and energise the body, mind and soul.  Please use headphones for the best quality in sound.

Calling in the Light Meditation

Caroline provides private one-to-one sessions in Rainham, Kent - please email Caroline at or call 07875 992408 to arrange an appointment.  Skype/telephone appointments as well as Remote/Distant Healing Sessions are also available, please email Caroline for further details.

Channelled Personal Healing Meditations - Simply contact Caroline with your location and a brief description of any area/issue you are working on and she will channel you a healing meditation that is 'just for you' to listen to each day for approx 21 days - £60 - please email to arrange.